Becoming an Egg Donor

Are you considering becoming an egg donor for someone that is ready to start their journey into parenthood? If so, let’s first take some time for a round of applause! Even considering being an egg donor is an amazing and selfless act that should be celebrated.

We have written this blog to share with you what to expect when becoming an egg donor with Love & Kindness. We will hopefully answer all your burning questions in the information below!

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Benefits of becoming an Egg Donor:

The obvious benefit and the reason we imagine you are reading this blog – The beautiful opportunity to help in someone’s journey to growing their family. But did you know that becoming an egg donor offers other benefits as well.

Monetary Compensation – Although an egg donor will never be paid for their eggs, monetary compensation is offered to help pay for time missed at work, medical bills, and incurred expenses during the process of donating your eggs. At Love & Kindness, we will offer our advice, but you set your own compensation.

A Detailed Picture of your health – As you will see below, various tests are done to ensure you are able to meet the requirements during the egg donation process. These are your medical records, and they will give you a well-rounded view of your physical, emotional, and fertility health.

Known vs. Anonymous Egg Donor

When becoming an egg donor with Love & Kindness, you can choose to be a known donor, a semi-anonymous donor, or an anonymous donor.

Open/known: During an open egg donation, intended parents and the egg donor will be encouraged to communicate through Love & Kindness’ surrogacy app. However, Love & Kindness will only share the names and contact information between both parties until the completion of a successful cycle.

Semi-open/semi-anonymous: Information is limited between you and intended parents. For example, you may know their first names and they may know yours as well. You can (if you would like) communicate through the Love & Kindness app, but no contact information will be shared.

Anonymous: Most egg donations are anonymous. This means you won’t have direct contact or communication with the intended parents. All communications will be managed through Love & Kindness.

Requirements for being an egg donor

Requirements for being an egg donor:

  • 18 – 29 years of age (Up to 33 for an experienced donor)
  • No tattoos or blood transfusions for the past six (6) months
  • Healthy BMI – Between 19-25 (Being over or under this weight can affect egg quality)
  • Smoke free for at least a year
  • Must be able to provide a full family medical history
  • No STDs or STIs in the last year
  • No history of drug use
  • Be available for appointments and travel – We will do our best to locate a reputable clinic for your appointments, monitoring, and egg retrieval near your home/work. In some cases, there might be a small amount of travel. In all cases, you will need to have the flexibility to take off time from work for monitoring and routine appointments.

Donor requirements are strict to protect you as the egg donor, the clinic, the agency, and the Intended Parents. These requirements are provided to us by the Food and Drug Administration, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and other organizations created to protect the reproductive rights and physical health of all those involved in reproductive medicine.

What are the next steps to becoming an Egg Donor?

Step #1 – Applying to Become an Egg Donor

  • Complete our online egg donor application
  • Pass a background check
  • Interview with Love & Kindness
  • Set your own compensation & match preferences
  • Your profile goes live through us!

Step #2 – Matching with Intended Parents

  • Approve your match with the intended parent(s)
  • Complete a psychological evaluation
  • Complete medical screenings
  • Daily BCP to sync your cycle with the intended mother or a gestational carrier (if applicable)
  • Review your contract with your attorney
  • Enter an egg donation contract with your matched intended parent(s)

Step #3 – The Cycle of Egg Donation

  • Daily injections for 10~12 days
  • Take the trip to retrieve the eggs (This could be up to 7 days if the clinic is not local to you)
  • Receive your compensation and pregnancy/birth updates (if applicable)

If you have more questions remaining, check our egg donor page for more information. Contact us here with any questions you might have, and we will help you on your journey to becoming an egg donor with Love & Kindness!

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