Choosing the Right Photos for your Egg Donor Profile

Once you have been accepted to Love & Kindness Surrogacy, you will be prompted to set up your egg donor profile. During the profile set up, you will have the opportunity to submit photos of yourself to create a glimpse for the intended parents to view. Your photos are your first impression in the surrogacy process, so make sure you utilize the ones that show off your best physical attributes.

It is very common for intended parents to search for egg donors with attributes comparable to their own. That is why we emphasize that you select photos of how you actually look and the best way for you to be perceived. If you have children, you can choose to share their photos, or if you prefer to not share those personal images, we suggest you share photos of yourself as a child. This allows the intended parents to get a glimpse of what their child could look like.

We do stress the importance that you limit any photos that can be identified by your social media profiles. With the influx of technological advances like Google Image Search, your identity could be revealed. We would like you to not include photos that are currently active on any of your social media sites and appreciate your understanding of this important piece.

As you begin to select your photos, it is important to show off your best features. In order to do so, here are a few tips for the types of photos that are of interest to the intended parents and get a better reaction.


We suggest that you take a photo of yourself that is straight on but at a flattering eye-level shot. If you are unable to take this photo yourself, reach out to a friend to help. With the ease of selfies, we understand that it’s more complicated to take these types of photos, however, we’ve found that these are the best for your egg donor profile and will help you stand out.

Proper Lighting

When you are looking for a place to take the perfect photo, stick with natural lighting, preferably outdoors. If you instead take a photo in fluorescent lighting or dim lighting, it can be challenging for the intended parent to get a vision of your true skin tone or natural eye color.

Full Body Images

Try to include at least one full-length photo. This can include a photo at an event or an activity you enjoy. Just make sure it isn’t too far away and that the intended parent can get a proper idea of your body type.

Choose a Flattering Pose for Your Egg Donor Profile

Grab a friend and have them help take numerous photos from different angles. Pick the pose that is most flattering for you, whether it be sitting or standing, smiling or just looking naturally at the camera. Make sure that the photos are a true indication of what you actually look like, not a photo you’d take for extra “likes” on Instagram.

Show Your Character

You’re welcome to take some fun photos to show that you can have fun but be cautious to not be too goofy. It’s a wonderful idea to show your personality and sense of style, however, you don’t want to cross the line to the point where the intended parent doesn’t take you seriously.

Pick the Propper Setting

Are you an avid rock climber? Perhaps a history buff? Pick a setting that shows off something you enjoy. This helps the intended parent get a glimpse at what you adore in your spare time.

Now that you’ve gone through our suggested “to-dos” for your photos, we’d like to share a few other tips that should help you on your way.

  • Do not take photos in mirrors or submit selfies.
  • Avoid sunglasses. Don’t let them hide your beautiful face.
  • Provide photos in different clothing and settings. Intended parents do not want to see the same photo over and over. Instead, they’d prefer to see a plethora of pictures to get a good idea of who you really are
  • Share photos of you doing something of interest.
  • If you have a professional headshot, it is suggested that you include it. However, if you do not have one that is alright as well.
  • Do not go overboard with your make up. One to two photos showing you dolled up is acceptable, however, the intended parents would like to see how you look naturally.
  • If you submit a photo with other people, be sure to identify/label who the additional people are.
  • Always ask yourself “Is this a good representation of my physical form and true character?” If the answer is “no,” try another photo that reflects you the best.

Our last and final tip for your egg donor profile is don’t forget to smile! We welcome you to Love & Kindness Surrogacy.

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