What to Expect After Donating Eggs

If you are planning to donate eggs, are in the process of donating eggs, or have finished donating eggs…we want to take a moment to give you a virtual *HIGH FIVE*! What you are doing is an amazing and wonderful act of kindness. Here at Love & Kindness, we believe it’s important to support everyone involved in a fertility journey, including you, the egg donor.

When you have finished donating eggs, it’s important that you focus on yourself and your self-care. The weeks following an egg donation journey are a time of self-reflection and self-preservation. So how can you, the egg donor, prepare for the important weeks following your egg donation? In this blog, we will share some suggestions on how you can care for yourself and find the support you need after donating.

Treat Yourself!

Our first suggestion – Take time to heal physically and reflect on your emotional health. You just had a long road of appointments, endless amounts of medications, and an egg retrieval to support someone else on their journey to become a parent. Now it’s important for you to rest. Take an extended weekend away (or longer if you are able) from work and treat yourself!

Talk It Out!

If you have a therapist – or even a friend or family member that is a great listener – meet with them to reflect on how you feel after your donation process. It’s important to find someone that you can talk to in the weeks following your egg donation. Talking about how you are feeling will help in your process of physical and emotional healing.

Routine Checkups

Don’t forget over the next few months following your egg donation to continue meeting with your doctor to discuss your physical and emotional health. Your body can go through many changes during egg donation and following the donation process. Routine checkups with your doctor will give you reassurance that your body is on the path to healing.

Join We Are Egg Donors

We Are Egg Donors is exactly as it sounds – a group of women that have donated eggs to support others on their fertility journey. This is an online community that has become a safe place for egg donors to discuss their struggles and successes on their egg donor journey.

If at any point in your recovery you have any of the following – severe pain or cramping in your abdomen, bloating, nausea, vomiting, or rapid weight gain – please contact your doctor immediately. Don’t forget to go easy on yourself and get the rest you deserve! We are here to help if you need to discuss your egg donor journey with a member of our team.

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