Can I Be a Surrogate If…Frequently Asked Questions!

Do you have questions regarding the requirements to become a Surrogate? Have you found yourself reading misleading information on the web that leaves you feeling confused and unsure about surrogacy?
These situations are not new to us! We will help you navigate the difficult questions to get you started on your surrogacy journey. Here we will discuss common and uncommon surrogacy situations – including questions that deserve clear answers!

Can I Be a Surrogate If…I am HIV Positive?

Yes, in many cases being HIV positive will not be a problem when becoming a surrogate. We suggest discussing your desire to become a surrogate with your doctor, seeing that your doctor will know more about your health. When taking medication and not seeing active outbreaks, surrogacy is completely possible. We would love to discuss your case with you further.

Can I Be a Surrogate If…I am Breastfeeding?

No, you cannot be a surrogate while breastfeeding for multiple reasons. The first reason is for yourself and your baby – During breastfeeding, your hormones are an important part of your ability to breastfeed and provide for your little one. During a surrogacy journey, you will be taking hormone-altering medications, which could affect your bodies’ ability to create breastmilk. The second reason is for the surrogate-born baby – During breastfeeding, your hormones can become unpredictable, because your body is focused on providing for your baby. A surrogate journey relies on your endocrinologist understanding your hormonal levels and creating the healthiest environment for the baby.

Can I Be a Surrogate If…I Don’t Have an Insurance Plan?

Yes, you can still be a surrogate if you don’t have a surrogacy-friendly insurance plan, or even if you have no insurance plan at all. Your Intended Parents will be responsible for all your pregnancy related medical expenses and will purchase a health insurance plan for you if necessary. But if you already have a health insurance plan, Love & Kindness will review the policy to see if it is appropriate to use for surrogacy, and your intended parents will reimburse you for the premium costs.

Can I Be a Surrogate If…I’ve Had Multiple C-Sections?

Multiple C-sections can, in some cases, be a disqualifying factor for some women to become a surrogate. In most cases, we will work with you, but it might be difficult to find Intended Parents with a clinic that will take on your case. Many clinics will want you to complete a mock cycle prior to a transfer to ensure you will not be put at risk during the surrogate pregnancy.

Can I Be a Surrogate If…I’ve Had Multiple Miscarriages?

It depends on your situation and how many healthy pregnancies you’ve had previously as well. Although one miscarriage will not likely be any cause for concern for a surrogacy journey, many clinics will want to see that a potential surrogate has completed multiple healthy pregnancies.

Can I Be a Surrogate If…I Have a High or Low BMI?

If you have a BMI of less than 35, surrogacy with Love & Kindness is possible. Don’t meet this requirement? Please reach out to us so we can discuss supporting you on your journey to becoming a surrogate.

Can I Be a Surrogate If…I’ve Had a Felony?

This question is a hard one to answer without knowing your specific situation. We’ve worked with Surrogates in this situation before. We know that people make mistakes, and those mistakes can affect you for many years to come. At Love & Kindness, we don’t want to hold this against you and disqualify you from becoming a surrogate. This is not a new situation for the team at Love & Kindness! In most cases where the felony is a minor one, we will leave the decision up to the Intended Parents.

Can I Be a Surrogate if…My Significant Other Does Not Support my Decision?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Surrogacy can be a physically and emotionally taxing process. You will need the support of your significant other throughout your journey to be successful. If you are legally married, we will also need your spouse’s full cooperation to ensure that the parental rights legal proceedings are done smoothly for you and the Intended Parents. If you happen to be estranged from your spouse, but you are legally married to him/her, or if you are in the middle of divorce/legal separation, please discuss this situation with us further. We will address your situation with professional legal help from a qualified attorney, to ensure that your legal situation is right for surrogacy.

Can I Be a Surrogate if…I do not have a social security number?

No, you must have a social security number before you can begin your journey as a surrogate. It’s needed to conduct financial background checks and criminal history checks. ALL information you share with us at Love & Kindness Surrogacy is kept private, secure, and confidential before your journey even begins, during your ongoing case, and after your case is complete. At no time will we share your information with another party without first consulting with you.

Can I Be a Surrogate If…I smoke cigarettes?

If you have smoked during any previous pregnancies, or smoked in the last two years, you will not be able to become a Surrogate. You will be entrusted with carrying a child for another family, so all surrogacy professionals involved will want to ensure that you are at peak physical health. The lasting effects of smoking can lead to complications during pregnancy.


We are here to support you and we would love to discuss your case further. If you are considering giving the amazing gift of life to another person, we want to find a way to help.

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