Creating Your Intended Parent Profile

One of the steps in your Surrogacy journey is creating your Intended Parent profile. A profile is the first point of contact for a Surrogate with her future Intended Parents, so it’s important that your profile reflect who you are as a person and hope to be as a parent.

Creating a profile can be difficult and thrilling. This is a reminder that you are even closer to your dreams of becoming a parent. Since a profile is required for you to be added to the L&K wait list of Intended Parents, it’s important to make completing it a priority. But before we cause any panic, let’s take a deep breath and discuss some tips on how you can create a successful profile with little to no stress involved.


Important Tips for Your Intended Parent Profile -

First and foremost –

    • Don’t stress! We know this is easier said than done, but we are here to help! If you have any questions along the way, we would love to support you as you create your profile. 
    • Be honest and true to yourself! Surrogates want to make an informed decision. If they see a profile that stands out to them or speaks to them, that bond will be strong. A Surrogate wants to know that the person they see on this profile is truly the person they will be with on the remainder of the journey.
    • Have fun! This is an exciting time in your journey through surrogacy, so approach this task with a lot of fun and pizzaz!

What Should You Include in Your Profile?

Now let’s discuss what you should include on your profile! Everyone has their own way of sharing their story with others and it’s no different when discussing surrogacy. The following tips are not the only way to make a connection with a potential Surrogate through your profile, but these will make your profile stand out.

There are normally 4 different parts to your Intended Parent profile.

    • Text – This should be 3–4 paragraphs describing yourself.
    • Pictures – Surrogates love to see your life in action. Pictures are an important part of an Intended Parent profile.
    • Letter to the Surrogate – Writing a letter to your potential Surrogate can help build a healthy and strong connection together.
    • Video – A video can be a great way to show a Surrogate more about yourself.

Now let’s discuss these 4 parts in depth so you know what to include!

The Text

Share details about yourself in 3-4 paragraphs! This is your time to shine and show your potential Surrogate who you are. Don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas of details about you that your potential Surrogate would love to learn.

    • Talk about the community that will support you and the Baby. This community can be biological family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, or even babysitters. This can include anyone you know that will be available to support your growing family. Don’t be concerned if your support group is a bit unconventional. It’s details like this that might help you connect on a deeper level to your Surrogate.
    • What type of parent would you like to be?
    • Discuss your personality and interests
    • What type of relationship would you like to have with your Surrogate?
    • Your relationship as a couple and your dreams for your family –
      • Like how you met – How long you have been together – Your family values

The Photos

It’s important when adding photos to your profile that you consider these tips! Photos featured on your profile can help your potential Surrogate to get to know you better.

How many photos should you include?

  • We usually suggest anywhere from 5-10 photos! There is no perfect number when it comes to your profile, so don’t worry if you don’t have 5-10 photos that fit the following criteria.

What type of photos should you include?

  • Your photos should be natural and honest photos that show you and your personality. Make sure your photos are clear and close-up shots so your potential Surrogate can see you clearly. It’s also important to use photos that tell a story and include photos with your support system.

How should you display the photos in your profile?

  • Add captions to your photos to explain their significance to you. This is extra important if you include photos in multiple settings and with various people.

The Letter to Your Surrogate

Including a letter to your surrogate is a great way of connecting to her and giving her insight into the bond that will soon be formed with you. Becoming a surrogate is a beautiful and selfless act. A letter is one way of expressing your gratefulness and sharing what this means to you. You can also use this opportunity to express your hopes and dreams for your relationship with your surrogate.

A Video to Your Surrogate

A video can add a personal touch to your profile, but this part is not always necessary. At Love & Kindness, we only suggest a video for Intended Parents that feel comfortable with the idea of talking and sharing on camera. A video with a Parent that feels unnatural in front of the camera can cause more harm than good.

We love seeing Intended Parents share more about themselves and make a connection with their potential surrogate. Be creative and have fun with your profile. We can’t wait to see what you create and to share in a part of your surrogacy journey with you!

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