Do I Need to Work with a Surrogacy Agency?

Whether you are looking into becoming a surrogate or are considering growing your family through surrogacy, you’ve probably wondered – Do I need to work with a surrogacy agency? Every journey is different and unique, just like every Intended Parent and every Surrogate. If you are looking for an answer to this question, we believe you have come to the right place.

Before we answer this all-important question, it’s vital to this discussion for us to explain the difference between an independent case and a case with an agency.

How does an independent case work?

Countless surrogacy cases are done independently a year. An Independent case is a situation where the Intended Parents and the Surrogate match, sign contracts, and work together without the help of an Agency. In most cases, a lawyer is used to draw up legal documents and procedures related to the case. In some cases, Intended Parents will utilize an agency or service to connect with a Surrogate, handling the rest of the case independently. When the right details fall into place, an independent match can run just as smoothly as a case handled with an agency.

We’ve seen cases where Intended Parents work with a surrogate they met online and have formed life-long friendships that continue on after the surrogacy journey is over. It’s also not uncommon for Intended Parents to work with a friend or family member as a surrogate, handling the case independently.

If you are considering an independent case, we advise that you at the very least work with a lawyer that is familiar with surrogacy law. This will provide protection for all parties involved and ensure that everyone has a healthy surrogacy journey.

So what benefit does an agency offer?

With the right agency, you will have a team on your side that is prepared to support you emotionally, organizationally, and financially. An agency comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience with surrogacy journeys of all shapes and sizes.

Although some might not deem an agency as necessary, those of us at Love & Kindness feel pride in our work. We support our Surrogates and Intended Parents with the care and confidence needed to carry out a successful case. We have experience as donors, surrogates, parents, and industry professionals that you can count on during your journey.

As a client with Love & Kindness, we will handle matching you with your Intended Parents or Gestational Carrier, manage all legal paperwork, coordinate appointments, book travel for gestational carriers to the Intended Parent’s clinic, manage escrow funds, oversee payments, and facilitate communication for all parties involved – Intended Parents, the Gestational Carrier, lawyers, the Intended Parent’s clinic, and all others involved in your surrogacy case.

When a case is running smoothly, it will probably feel that an agency isn’t required. But when circumstances arise that are beyond anyone’s control, our team will be there to support you and the work of our agency becomes invaluable. We are here to help and are willing to discuss your case further at no cost to you. Send us an email and one of our team members will contact you to discuss your surrogacy journey.

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