Surrogacy in Oregon: Should I Look for a Surrogate in Oregon?

If you’re just starting out your surrogacy journey, you’ll discover quickly that surrogacy laws vary state by state. So it’s super important to choose a gestational carrier in a place that is surrogacy-friendly for your particular situation.

Surrogacy is both legal and fairly comprehensive in Oregon. Whether you are single or married, heterosexual or in an LGBTQIA+ relationship, and whether you’re using any combination of donor sperm or eggs, you can enter into a contract with a gestational carrier that allows for compensation and the delivery of your baby.

Pre-Birth Orders

Pre-birth orders allow intended parents to be listed as the rightful parents of a child before the baby is born. In some states, only post-birth orders are allowed, and in others, any parent who isn’t genetically related to the baby has to go through a process similar to adoption.

In Oregon, both intended parents can be declared the legal parents in a pre-birth order if at least one parent is genetically related to the child (and in many cases, parents can be declared with no genetic link as well.) This makes Oregon a great surrogacy state for LGBTQIA+ couples, unmarried couples, single parents, and those who don’t have genetic links to their child.

Do I have to visit Oregon to get a pre-birth order?

The other benefit of Oregon’s pre-birth orders is that the parentage order documents are filed electronically – so no personal appearance by any party or attorney is necessary for a successful declaration of parentage.

Should I still work with a surrogacy attorney?

Always, but especially if you don’t have a genetic link to your child. They’ll be able to walk you through any complexities you may encounter (even if those complexities are rare.)

How long does it take to obtain a birth certificate after delivery?

In Oregon, this can happen as quickly as three business days after required documents and fees are delivered to Oregon Vital Records.

Where can I find more information on the specifics of surrogacy in Oregon?

For that, you can visit our surrogacy law map.

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