Surrogacy State Laws: A Love & Kindness Guide

When taking on something as life-changing as a surrogacy journey, you want to know as much about the process as you can. You research clinics and agencies and poured over the financial details. You consider all the health implications. But what about the laws?

Surrogacy Laws State by State

By this point in your surrogacy journey, it’s likely you know how different the laws are from state to state. There are no federal laws regulating the practice. Therefore, each state decides how to address the matter. The result? It’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed when trying to stay on top of legal requirements across the United States. 

At Love & Kindness, we want you to have good information to help you make your decisions. We don’t want you to be confused or overwhelmed. (Unless by joy when that long-awaited baby arrives!) That is why we assembled our brand new map of state laws on surrogacy. 


  • Thorough: We look at a wide range of legal issues that impact the surrogacy process. Everything from statutory requirements to parentage orders to birth certificates. 
  • Interactive: Looking for information on a specific topic? Our map lets you filter for questions that are relevant to your surrogacy journey. Such as marital status, donor gametes, and more. 
  • Expert: To ensure that our information is accurate not just in terms of the law, but how it is interpreted and practiced by attorneys who specialize in this area. We talked to them. 
  • Up-to-date: These laws are subject to change. Just in the last year, several states have enacted major legislative updates that provide framework and support for all parties in surrogacy agreements. 

This map doesn’t just apply to Intended Parent(s), either. We address how laws might affect surrogates. This includes what compensation is permitted, necessary court proceedings, and how birth certificates are issued. 

If you want to grow your family and you’re ready to take the first step in arranging a match, contact us today. Love & Kindness Surrogacy walks you through the entire surrogacy journey. We ensure transparency and peace of mind.

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