Signs You Would Be a Wonderful Surrogate

As you begin to explore becoming a surrogate for intended parents in need, it’s best to find out if this option is right for you. Not everyone is cut out for the process, and that is ok. It takes someone who is caring, giving, and selfless. And while all of these are great characteristics, there are a few other important signs that will help determine if surrogacy is a great fit for you. Read on to find out what signs make a wonderful surrogate.

1. You are healthy.

During the process of becoming a surrogate, you will be asked initial medical questions to ensure you are a fit. A few examples of these are if you have a healthy BMI, if you’re a non-smoker, and if you’ve had any previous successful pregnancies. After you have passed this initial health questionnaire, you will then have medical and psychological screenings.

2. A surrogate must be family-oriented.

While you will just be the vessel for intended parents, being a caretaker is a priority that all surrogates must possess. You will be caring for a child until it is ready to make a debut to the world, so keeping the family in mind will always need to be at the forefront of your decision making.

3. You have a strong support system as a surrogate.

During the surrogacy process, you will identify a person who will help support you on your journey. They will be there as a shoulder to lean on and an ear to hear. Of course, you’ll also have your case manager at Love & Kindness Surrogacy, but having someone close to home that you can rely on will make your journey more special.

4. You are open-minded.

Throughout the surrogacy process, you will need to be able to keep an open mind and expect the unexpected. There are things that might arise that are not always able to be prepared for, so having an open mind will ease any stress and frustration. After all, these little bundles of joy sometimes operate on their own schedule!

5. You want to help someone become a parent as a surrogate and believe everyone has that right.

This one might seem like a doozy, but at Love & Kindness Surrogacy we believe that everyone should be allowed the right to be a parent. We feel that marital status, sexual orientation, race, religion, etc. should not be roadblocks for becoming parents. We welcome surrogates who believe in the same rights that we do and share our beliefs. Every willing person should have the right to become a parent.

6. You are organized.

Throughout the surrogacy process, you will need to have your scheduling and organization down to a science. In the beginning, you’ll be required to gather the appropriate documents, then further into the surrogacy process you’ll need to attend appointments, have meetings with intended parents, etc. Organization is key for surrogates.

7. You are already a mother.

If you already have given birth to a healthy child, you are able to become a surrogate.

If you see yourself in all of these signs, we would love to talk to you. Love & Kindness Surrogacy is here to help create a smooth surrogacy process and will provide you the support you need through your journey.

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