Surrogacy: Doubts, Questions and Answers

Surrogacy is a beautiful process that requires all that Intended Parents and Surrogates have to offer physically, emotionally, and mentally. It’s a dance of love and trust between all parties involved. Intended Parents and Surrogates are both dependent on one another. It takes trust between both parties for the delicate work of surrogacy to thrive.

Is it normal to experience doubts during the surrogacy process?


Throughout the surrogacy journey, there will be times when doubt, fear, and worry will arise. It’s incredibly normal for you to feel afraid and nervous when putting your trust into others’ hands.

For Intended Parents and Surrogates, questions will continue to come up during your journey that are worth asking and discussing – like these –

Will the Surrogate decide to keep the baby?

The answer is No! A Surrogate has been picked by the Agency because they are looking to help others fulfill their dream of starting a family. Extensive evaluations are done to ensure that each Surrogate understands the selfless act of carrying a child for Intended Parents.

What if the Agency takes advantage of me financially?

At Love & Kindness, we believe in open and honest communication. Transparency is very important in your Surrogacy journey. You won’t pay for a service, procedure, or a single transaction that hasn’t been first explained to you. During your journey, please let us know if you need anything explained in further detail. You will probably grow tired of your case manager asking – “Does that make sense?” or “Any questions?”

Will the Intended Parents change their minds?

Before an Intended Parent joins Love & Kindness, our team guides them through extensive evaluations. A Surrogate is protected from any legal implications in regards to Parental Rights. We even prepare for emergency situations, so our Surrogates, Intended Parents, and the Baby are protected.

For both Intended Parents and Surrogates, doubts and fears are a sign that you are experiencing parental bonding, connection to the Baby, and connection to your surrogacy team.

This is something to celebrate! You are forming an intimate bond with the Baby together as Intended Parent(s) and Surrogate. This is an intimate bond that requires you to be emotionally available for yourself and those involved. Express your concerns and talk about your fears with your team. We’re in this together!

Let’s celebrate the beautiful moments during your surrogacy journey.

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