Why Every Surrogate Needs An Agency Behind Them

I want to be a surrogate. Why should I go through an agency?

If you’re exploring becoming a gestational surrogate, chances are you’ve run into a big debate: whether or not working with an agency is necessary for a surrogacy journey. While it’s certainly possible to have positive surrogacy experiences without the use of one, we always recommend using an agency if this is your first time as a surrogate. There are a lot of important steps meant to protect your best interests and working with an agency ensures that no step will be missed. Agencies exist to protect both surrogates and intended parents by fostering good communication, ensuring that the surrogacy contract is enforced on both sides, connecting both parties to professionals who will help along the way, and informing everyone on the complex world of surrogacy. At Love & Kindness, we are committed to being with you for every step of the journey offering friendship, support, and professional case management.

We’re the experts, so you don’t have to be

Professionals in the surrogacy industry have a full range of knowledge to include surrogacy laws, escrow management, and post birth processes. For example, we’re familiar with the ins and outs of surrogacy laws, which vary by state, to better guide you through your state’s specific laws, guidelines, and restrictions. Our professional experience ensures that the financial and legal obligations of the contract are met from beginning to end. Letting experts focus on managing your surrogacy journey means you can focus on other things, like growing your relationship with your intended parents as well as preparing for baby’s arrival!

Enforcing the surrogacy contract

It’s true — bypassing an agency may initially save intended parents the costs of an agency fee, it could cost them more in the long run if the contract isn’t properly followed. While we work with reputable attorneys to ensure that issues can be avoided, sometimes legal matters do occur. Should any legal matters arise, an agency can help mediate the situation quickly and smoothly. Having an agency act as a third party to protect your best interests is indispensable.

Connecting to medical and legal experts

There is an incredible amount of intricate work, planning, and communication involved in a surrogacy journey. A surrogacy agency works with medical and legal professionals regularly, and will be able to direct you to the most well-suited doctors, lawyers, doulas, and other experts to offer you the most comfortable and stress-free surrogacy experience as possible.

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Connecting to intended parents

An important task for the agency is matching intended parents with surrogates. At Love & Kindness Surrogacy, this process includes compatibility screenings to provide you with the best match according to your beliefs and preferences. We facilitate your initial meeting with the intended parents via video chat. We also help to establish communication with your chosen intended parents while offering tips to manage this unique relationship.

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Love & Kindness is a full-service, boutique surrogacy agency run by a team of former surrogates, previous egg donors, and industry professionals. We pride ourselves on clear communication, transparent pricing, and support for surrogates you won’t find anywhere else in the industry. Learn more and start your journey today.

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