Five Great Work-From-Home Jobs for Expecting and New Mothers

There are so many challenges that come with being an expectant or new mom. How do you balance your schedule (and how do you deal with having a new, needy baby around?) Women who are pregnant or have recently given birth often want to return or continue to work — but figuring out a healthy balance between everything that needs to get done with a new baby can make that tough for women who can’t afford childcare or prefer to be home with their newborn.

Luckily, there are plenty of flexible options for work these days — including jobs that you can do entirely at home, so long as you’ve got a stable internet connection and a bit of a self-starting streak.

Check out our favorites below:

Data Entry Specialist

Median pay: ~$36,000

Data entry positions are highly flexible roles that will allow you to manage a daily routine with your newborn while they’re sleeping (or, when they’re older, at school.)

What you’ll need: good keyboard skills, attention to detail


Median pay: ~$44,500

Proofreaders read and edit documents, essays, surveys, spreadsheets, and more for errors. Many proofreading jobs are done completely remote.

What you’ll need: excellent typing skills, proficiency in the languages in which you’ll be editing, great organizational skills

Virtual Assistant

Median pay: ~$39,000

If you’re great at managing schedules, performing follow-up calls and emails, handling social media, scheduling meetings, and organizing other people’s chaos, consider being a virtual assistant.

What you’ll need: extremely good organizational skills, good communication, and a background in customer service can help


Median pay: ~$49,000

If you’ve got a knack for writing, consider becoming a freelance writer or blogger. There are a million publications and online resources that discuss parenting, motherhood, surrogacy, and other topics we’re quite fond of — but whatever you’re an expert in, you can find a publication who needs an article.

What you’ll need: strong content generation skills, good follow-through, a self-starting mindset, and great self-editing

Customer Service Representative

Median pay: ~$38,000

One of the most common jobs you’ll find when looking for remote work is customer service. People who can take phone calls, respond to requests for help, and complete basic administrative tasks are well-qualified to be CS representatives. Just make sure you’ve got a quiet(-ish) space to work in and an ability to pick up new software quickly.

What you’ll need: Steady internet, basic tech skills, and a decent office setup

Whether you choose to work or not after your baby’s born is entirely up to you — but we hope this list will help you if you do choose to work from home!

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