Is Now A Good Time To Become A Surrogate?

With COVID-19’s delta variant causing an uptick in cases across the US, many people understandably remain hesitant to resume things they’d be doing in public sans-worldwide-pandemic.

Getting used to reduced public travel and work can be tricky, and uncertainty is always scary. As a result, there’s been a noticeable drop in surrogate interest industry-wide over the last year, as potential surrogates wonder whether now is the best time to begin their surrogacy journey.

Surrogacy agencies and clinics continue to follow guidelines set by the CDC and WHO regarding best protocol for COVID-19 safety. We’re actively listening to the experts in order to make sure that all of our surrogates, intended parents, and egg donors are taken care of through the remainder of the pandemic. If your concern is with the pandemic, also know that it can take six months or more before any travel is required for surrogacy (our first steps involve screening and matching, which we do completely virtually!)

Some other questions that may help you consider whether you’re ready to be a surrogate:

  • Are you emotionally ready?
    • Understanding what gestational surrogacy from start to finish is can help you determine whether or not you feel emotionally ready for surrogacy. Know that we include mental health support throughout the entire surrogacy process.
  • Are you financially ready for the surrogacy process?
    • In order to make sure that surrogacy practices are ethical and fair for everyone, most surrogacy agencies (including us) can’t work with people who are unable to financially support themselves. While surrogacy won’t cost a surrogate any money, and surrogates are compensated fairly for their journey, it’s important to be financially stable with or without the compensation provided by intended parents.

Even if you decide you’re not ready for a surrogacy journey right now, know that Love & Kindness is here for you. Whether you work with us or not we’re happy to answer any question you may have about the wonderful world of surrogacy.

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