Women’s History Month: Celebrating the Women Who Lead the Modern Surrogacy Industry

March marks the nation’s yearly celebration of the often-unsung contributions that women have made to the very fabric of our country. In recognition, we wanted to highlight the contributions of several women to the journey of gestational surrogacy.

Elizabeth Kane

Elizabeth Kane was the first traditional surrogate to be compensated for her journey. While surrogacy was generally legal in the US, contracts were unenforceable in many states. This landmark event helped set the groundwork for surrogacy as a viable and fair alternative for those struggling with infertility.

Read more about Elizabeth Kane’s story here.

Shannon Boff

Shannon Boff was the first gestational surrogate to carry a baby to term using implanted eggs. Before this 1987 case, surrogates worked using artificial insemination and their own eggs: for the first time, heterosexual couples could turn to surrogacy as an alternative and still have their babies be genetically related to both parents.

Surrogates everywhere

Since 2000, there have been about 15,000 babies born via surrogacy in the US. They represent the combined care of selfless surrogates, who take pride in helping others start their families, and the intended parents who have the opportunity to begin or grow their families.

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