Give the Ultimate Gift as an Egg Donor

Give the Ultimate Gift

You’re giving the perfect present to a beautiful family in need.

Egg Donors

Why choose us?

Experience Fulfillment

Becoming an egg donor is a joyous experience. With your donation, you’re giving a priceless gift of relief, hope, and endless joy to intended parents.

Full Transparency

We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent about the egg donation process. We set realistic expectations and answer your questions with the utmost honesty.

Grow Your Income

Bring life into a family with your egg donation. ‍ Choose your financial compensation and make your own dreams come true as well.

Updates At Your Fingertips

You have instant access to case files, appointments, and more with our surrogacy app. Stay up to date with your case and get the crucial information you need fast.

Egg Donors

Our process

Applying to become an Egg Donor


Complete our online egg donor application


Pass a background check


Interview with Love & Kindness


Set your own compensation & match preferences


Your profile goes live through us!

Matching with Intended Parents


Approve your match with the intended parent(s)


Complete a psychological evaluation


Complete medical screenings


Daily BCP to sync your cycle with the intended mother or a gestational carrier (if applicable)


Review your contract with your attorney


Enter an egg donation contract with your matched intended parent(s)

The Cycle of Egg Donation


You’ll have daily injections for 10~12 days


Take the trip to retrieve the eggs***


Receive your compensation and pregnancy/birth updates (if applicable)

***Could be up to 7 days if the clinic is not local to you.

Egg Donors

Our process

Step 1

Apply to become an Egg Donor

1. Complete our online egg donor application
2. Pass a background check
3. Interview with Love & Kindness
4. Set your own compensation & match preferences
5. Your profile goes live through us!

Step 2

Matching with Intended Parents

​1. Approve your match with the intended parent(s)
2. Complete a psychological evaluation
3. Complete medical screenings
4. Daily BCP to sync your cycle with the intended mother or a gestational carrier (if applicable)
5. Review your contract with your attorney
6. Enter an egg donation contract with your matched intended parent(s)

Step 3

The Cycle of Egg Donation

1. You’ll have daily injections for 10~12 days
2. Take the trip to retrieve the eggs***
3. Receive your compensation and pregnancy/birth updates (if applicable)

***Could be up to 7 days if the clinic is not local to you

Egg Donor Qualifications

Program requirements

Between 18-29 years of age (up to 33 for experienced donors).
No traveling to Zika areas for the past six (6) months.
No personal or family history of mental illness.
Applicants of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to apply.
No personal history of drug use or alcoholism.
Body Mass Index (BMI) lower than 28.
No more than one occurrence of the same cancer in family history (except non-genetic cancers, such as leukemia and lung).
No personal or family history of serious heart disease or heart attacks under age 55.
Must have somewhat of a flexible schedule which would allow travelling for about seven (7) days with prior notice.
At least high school graduate (or equivalent).
No tattoos or blood transfusion for the past six (6) months.
Must be comfortable with a general anesthesia surgery (the retrieval surgery itself lasts about 20 minutes, but you’ll be at the hospital for about 3 hours total on retrieval day).
Must be comfortable with self-administered injectable medications.

Egg Donors

Compensation information

Once you’re approved into our program as an egg donor, we will discuss each step of the egg donation process in detail, as well as your match preferences for recipients and your desired compensation.

Love & Kindness offers our professional opinion about the typical compensation for donors who have a similar profile as yours; but ultimately, you are able to set your own compensation. 

Egg Donor Online Application

Are you ready to change the lives of intended parents forever by becoming an egg donor? Please click on the button below to get started.

Egg Donors

Common questions from women thinking about donating her eggs

Why do women become egg donors?

Many of these women are in their twenties and are searching for ways to help others build or expand their families. Egg donors can help while also improving their own financial situations. At Love & Kindness Surrogacy, we seek egg donor applications from women who are most excited to help families create or add a new bundle of joy into their home.

Is there an age restriction of being an egg donor?

There is. We recommend egg donors to be between the ages of 21-29. The clinics set this standard.

Can I be an egg donor even if I’m adopted?

Yes, if you know the health history of your biological family, then you absolutely can. Unfortunately, if you had a closed adoption and don’t have access to this information and can’t provide it to us, you may not be able to be an egg donor.

Can I be an egg donor if I’m on birth control?

Yes, but only some forms of birth control are acceptable. Acceptable forms include the patch, birth control pills, non-copper IUDs, and the nuva ring. If you do have an IUD, you must agree to have it removed when matched with intended parents.

If you’re using the Depo-Provera or Implanon birth control, you’ll need to switch to one of the accepted forms above. You must also have at least three menstrual cycles before applying to be an egg donor.

Note:  Before changing your contraceptive, be sure to consult your OB/GYN first.

What can I expect to feel during this egg donation process?

Emotions are complicated; how one woman feels during this process may not be felt by another or in the same way. The experiences vary from person to person. We encourage you to talk to us at every stage because we’re here to help throughout the screening, matching, and every other aspect of this process.

Please note that the IVF medications may increase moodiness for some women; however, the majority of our egg donors feel an immense sense of pride and joy after the donation.

How long does it take for an egg donor to be matched?

Deciding to use donor eggs and choosing a egg donor is one of the most difficult decisions intended parents have to make. Since everyone’s journey is different, there’s no way to estimate how long it will take for the prospective intended parent(s) to discover and choose you as an egg donor.

In our experiences, donors with a similar profile and background can have varying wait times and cycles. Some get matched within days after they’re available to donate, others may wait months or never be matched.

In all honesty, the amount of your compensation and experience (or lack thereof) as a donor can impact your waiting period to be matched.

How will I be matched?

The matching process begins when an intended parent shows interest in your profile. When this happens, the egg donation process begins, starting with our screening process.

Egg donors can also set who they want to donate to, including same-sex couples or single intended parents. You can also decide which type of communication preference they want: anonymous (no direct communication); semi-open (anonymous communication occurring through the Love & Kindness Surrogacy app); or open (contact info of the egg donor and intended parents will be shared after the completion of the cycle).

The reason why we wait until after the completion of the cycle to share contact information for an open donation is because we want to protect the you as the egg donor if the cycle failed beyond your control.

When matched, how long will the cycle take?

Once matched, you will first need to go through our screening process. This may take a few weeks to three (3) months, depending on your schedule and the availability of the medical clinic.

Popular medical clinics, especially ones in California, can have over a two month waiting time before scheduling new patients. Because the intended parents choose the medical clinic, we have no control on that matter.

Once you’re medically cleared, both egg donors and intended parents move into the legal contract phase, which can take a week to a whole month to complete, depending on both attorneys’ work speeds and the level of cooperation from both parties.

In total, from the date you’re matched to the day you start your cycle of medications (other than BCP), it can take as little as two weeks to four months.

What long-term health risks there are for being an egg donor? Will it impact my my fertility?

Unfortunately, because of the difficulty of tracking data about egg donations, there is currently no scientific research on the long-term side effects of being an egg donor. This is because most egg donors remain anonymous.

On the other hand, the medications that egg donors take is similar to what women going through IVF can take, and there are plenty of studies done on tracking the long-term health of women who had gone through IVF themselves. Based on the research, there’s currently no proven correlation between fertility drugs to any long-term health concerns.

While most donors reported no noticeable long-term side effects on online platforms/polls, it is important to note that past donors have shared stories online, swearing their egg donation experience was a major cause of their premature menopause, fertility issues, or breast/ovarian cancer. There is no way to validate or invalidate those claims, but it is crucial that you conduct your own research (either on your own or consult with a doctor) before you proceed with the process.

What is a known, semi-anonymous, and anonymous donation?

Egg donations fall into three (3) categories: known, semi-anonymous, or anonymous.

Open/known: During an open egg donation, intended parents and the egg donor will be encouraged to communicate through Love & Kindness’ surrogacy app. However, Love & Kindness will only share the names and contact information between both parties until the completion of a successful cycle.

Semi-open/semi-anonymous: Information is limited between you and intended parents. I.e you may know their first names but both parties have decided to not share personal contact information.

Anonymous: Most egg donations are anonymous. This means you won’t have direct contact or communication with the intended parents. All communications will be managed through Love & Kindness.

Will the intended parent(s) know who I am?

Most egg donations are anonymous for both parties’ protection and privacy reasons. However, it’s important to know that in this age of information and technology, true anonymity can be hard to achieve. There are steps you can take to further protect your identity, however; for example, avoid using any photos that are posted on your social media in your egg donor profile.

You have more questions?
Don’t hesitate to ask! Reach out to us by email at info@loveandkindnesssurrogacy.com
and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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