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At Love & Kindness, we bring together surrogates and intended parents to create beautiful families. Our approach is honest, straightforward, and designed to ensure this journey is as smooth as possible for all parties involved during this life-altering adventure.

Everything we do is guided by our mission and our extensive experience in the field of surrogacy. Let us guide you through this amazing journey.   


The Surrogacy Of The Future:
Mobile Portal With Instant Updates

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  •  Communication


  •  Transparency


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We believe that communication between surrogacy, surrogates, and parents should always be open, prompt, detailed and straightforward.

That’s why we’ve created the first-ever surrogacy app where surrogates and parents can get instant updates on their pending applications. 

Surrogates and intended parents can also speak with each other in our app’s instant messenger.

Flexible and Straight-Forward
Surrogate Program

Our surrogate program is designed to provide a truly memorable and fulfilling experience for our surrogates. In addition to constant and fully-updated communication through our app, we also offer:

Flexible payment and benefits

Quick match-making​

Guaranteed doula and counseling​

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Love & Kindness Surrogacy makes starting a family and being a
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