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Jasmine Hsieh

Prior to starting Love & Kindness, Jasmine worked with literally over a thousand intended parent(s) and hundreds of surrogates and/or egg donors, providing consulting, translation, and liaison services. She has first-hand experience working with over a hundred surrogacy and egg donor agencies in the U.S. Her strong work ethic, commitment and performance are well-respected by other professionals in the industry; she has also spoken at the Society for Ethics in Egg Donation and Surrogacy (SEEDS) conferences in 2017 (Costa Mesa, CA) and 2018 (Chicago, IL).  

Before working alongside the intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors, Jasmine was a five-time successful egg donor herself. Her extensive egg donation knowledge complements her business intelligence background, which she honed during her time at a Fortune 100 company. Fluent in both English and Mandarin Chinese, she then worked over three years as an international liaison for one of the country’s biggest assisted reproductive technology (ART) law firm. 

Jasmine started Love & Kindness because she saw so many of her past clients feeling dissatisfied, or even being taken advantage of, by their agencies, and her desire to be “the better option” and do better for her clients grew stronger each day. As the program director, Jasmine strives to make sure that the journey to become parents is as affordable and as stressless as can be, that the intended parents are paying a reasonable agency fee with a fair payment structure, and that everything is done in the highest efficiency and professionalism possible.

Megan Shaw

Megan Shaw

Megan Shaw is a surrogacy expert in every way possible, both personally and professionally. She has been a gestational surrogate twice, with twins in 2016 and a single birth in 2018.

Her belief in the power and gift that surrogacy brings for both surrogates and intended parents, is what drives her forward. Through her past work as a case manager, she understands the importance of listening and empathy.

Megan has mentored and helped countless intended parents and surrogates via her role as an admin of the largest Facebook surrogacy support group in the United States. 

If there is one thing she wants for her clients, it is for the entire process to be as memorable and stress-free as possible. Her transparency and open-door attitude have helped many happy families.

A Florida native, Megan currently resides in Northern California with her supportive husband and three lively children. When she’s not watching her boys compete on the baseball court, she loves to go shopping, and spend time with family and friends. She is so excited to meet you and have the privilege of helping you along this incredible opportunity and journey! 

Candy Cox

Candy Cox

Candy Cox is a young-at-heart Surrogate Case Manager full of enthusiasm and love for the surrogacy process.

Before she was introduced to the joy of surrogacy, Candy (as she likes to be called) was in the dental field for eighteen years. After being introduced to the rewarding and beautiful act of surrogacy, she knew she had found her calling.

Candy has had three successful surrogate journeys and wants to use her background to help other families have the same smooth experience.

Her biggest strength is the ability to put people at ease with her sense of humor and lightheartedness. She is also a big believer in forming close bonds with her clients and being their surrogate “big sister.”

A mother of four herself, she knows that children are a blessing and loves that she gets to facilitate bringing many tiny humans into the world. Staying active is one of her favorite pastimes; whether it is doing gymnastics or a good Zumba class. Candy is excited and ready to personalize your surrogacy journey! 


Tasha Brown

Tasha Brown is a former surrogate with a strong desire to guide others along their journey. She delivered twins in 2011 and single births in 2014 and 2017. She now uses her expertise to facilitate the success of other surrogates and intended parents.

Tasha is motivated by her compassion for those who struggle to achieve their dream of parenting. She believes that the gift of surrogacy is an immeasurable grace and she wishes to walk alongside others as they travel on their surrogacy journey. Her goal with all her clients is to deliver the most positive and professional experience as possible while helping all parties achieve their goals.

Tasha lives in middle TN with her husband of 20 years. They have 2 adult children and 2 teenagers. They spend their time giving back to their community by directing the local youth flag football league in their town. Tasha enjoys lifting weights in the gym and baking cookies in the kitchen. She also enjoys regular date nights with her husband and traveling with her family.

She considers the opportunity to guide women through the surrogacy process an incredibly special privilege and honor.

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Stepanie Carole

Stephanie was a surrogate in 2018 and loved every moment of it. She’s always had a passion for helping others, but being a surrogate was an amazing experience. As an Egg Donor Case Manager, she hopes to give egg donors that same stress-free and smooth experience.  Her strength lies creating connections with people and giving them another shoulder to lean on through the process and even after. 

She also has family members with fertility complications. Stephanie brings this personal  touch into her approach, doing all she can to help families.

Being an egg donor case manager means bringing strangers together. One has a huge heart and the other(s) want a family. She gets to unite them together to create life. It’s rewarding.

Stephanie is married with 3 children of her own. She’s a native to northern California. Stephanie  loves being outdoors and just spending quality family time together. Family means everything to her, which is why she loves helping people have their own family.

Support Staff

Outside of the friendly faces that will help you through the day to day of your journey, we have dedicated team members working behind the scenes to ensure paperwork, and communications are handled promptly and with the utmost care.

Trusted By

"I have known Jasmine for two years now and I can say she is a great professional and a tireless worker. She is always there solving any doubts or concerns you may have with the confidence of a skilled professional who knows the field very well.
Surrogacy in general requires integral, upright, honest and impeccable behavior from the people dedicated to it and I can say Jasmine meets all the standards. I would highly recommend working with her.”
Beatriz Huerga
Head of legal department, infertility, s.l.
“In working with Jasmine for several years, I always found her to be extremely organized and detail oriented while also prompt and thorough in her work and in her responses to any questions we’ve had.  In addition, she always approached our work together in a very caring way.”
Richard Vaughn, Esq.
Founding partner, international fertility law group inc.
"Jasmine exceeds expectations to make sure every part of her job is done the right way.  She takes full ownership of her work, and the results show.  She can be trusted with the most important projects."
Tania Brooke Klein
Fund manager, klein fertility law, apc
"My impression of Jasmine: She is very professional, thoughtful, and have a lovely heart. She is also passionate about her work and very patient to all her clients. She’s dedicated to her job and always on call.”
Dr. Chris Xu
Director of egg donation and surrogacy department, shedoor global surrogacy, llc