Affordable, ethical international surrogacy care shouldn't be out of reach.

Surrogacy is a bustling industry outside of the US. But if you’ve spent any time researching surrogacy journeys in the US, you can probably imagine how much more complex navigating surrogacy in another country can be. Beyond a different set of laws for each country that allows for compensated surrogacy, you may have to worry about more complicated travel plans and medical care, language barriers, and more.

That’s why we’re introducing an international pilot program: to provide the same amount of transparency, honesty, and compassion that we bring to surrogacy cases in the US. While many surrogacy agencies operating outside of the US are ethical, it’s important to have total trust in the agency you’re working with. We provide industry-leading care to surrogates and intended parents both in and out of the US.

Why do people look outside the US for surrogacy?

Many considerations can lead someone to look outside the US for surrogacy, but cost is a reason people cite often. The average cost for surrogacy in the US hangs somewhere around $150,000 – and because there’s a shortage of surrogates right now, that price is being raised significantly. In contrast, surrogacy outside the US can cost anywhere from $40,000 to $80,000.

 That’s a significant price difference — but it’s important to look for a surrogacy agency that can guarantee ethical, professional care for surrogates and intended parents alike throughout the entire process.


Who can pursue surrogacy outside the US?

Most couples, both straight and gay, can pursue surrogacy outside the US. For gay couples, the only choice for international surrogacy is Colombia, where surrogacy laws allow for same-sex intended parents. Straight couples have more options, including Ukraine, Georgia, and Greece.

Where we work

Outside of the US, Love & Kindness operates in Colombia, Ukraine, and Georgia. We work with a trusted series of medical and legal providers in each country to make sure that our surrogacy journeys are extremely ethical, seamless, and transparent.

Guaranteed pricing.
Safe and ethical process.

We offer fixed-price services in the following countries.

Colombia - $75,000

Georgia - $75,000

Ukraine - $75,000

Our prices ensure fair compensation for the surrogate, and we’ll break them down for you further during your initial consultation call.

International IVF services

We’re proud to offer IVF services in multiple countries abroad, including Mexico, Cyprus, Greece, and more. Whether or not you are undergoing a full surrogacy journey, if you’re in search of IVF services outside of the US, contact us for more information.

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Surrogacy abroad can be just as ethical, communicative, and successful as it is domestically, and we’re proud to offer a breadth of services that fit a diverse array of intended parents and surrogates alike. Start your intake form today, and let’s talk more about whether international surrogacy may be right for you.