$1,000 for every referral accepted and matched.

Know a mom who wants to help other people start their families? Tell her about Love & Kindness Surrogacy, and if she’s accepted into our program, you’ll receive $500. You’ll also receive $500 when she’s successfully matched with an intended parent or couple. Whether or not you’re a surrogate yourself, if you believe in what we do, you can refer people to this program.

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What is Love & Kindness?

We’re a boutique surrogacy agency run by a team of former surrogates, egg donors, and industry professionals. We know that larger agencies can feel opaque and impersonal to surrogates, and in response we created an agency that is transparent, supportive, and communicative.

While surrogacy is beautiful and rewarding, it can also be challenging. So we offer many services that other agencies don’t – like guaranteed mental health support, doula services, and a surrogacy escrow account to protect the benefits surrogates earn during the surrogacy process.




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