$40,000 - $55,000*

This is the base rate range at which most surrogates working
with Love & Kindness are paid.

Extra payments

+ Additional base pay if you’re living in a high-demand state.
+ $5,000 if you’re well-qualified based on our surrogacy requirements.
Additional pay if you are an experienced surrogate.

* This number is based on surrogates having
insurance that will cover their surrogacy journey.

Average base compensation across the US, 2021

The base fees listed here assume that you have surrogacy-friendly insurance.

Surrogacy pay examples: Carrie

Carrie is a first-time surrogate in California.

– She has surrogacy-friendly insurance

– She meets our optimal surrogacy qualifications

– She tests positive for pregnancy after her first embryo transfer

– She’s carrying twins

– She goes into labor at 37 weeks, one of the twins presents breech, and she is advised by her OB to have a c-section

– She’s on bedrest for 6 weeks following the c-section

– She’s a stay-at-home mom, so she hasn’t incurred any lost wages

– At the intended parents’ request, she pumps breastmilk for four weeks




Carrie’s total compensation for her first surrogacy journey is: 

 Medical clearance bonus $800
Legal clearance bonus $1,200
1st embryo transfer medications $500
1st embryo transfer procedure $1,500

Base fee (in monthly payments of $6,000) $60,000
Multiple Gestation Extra Comp $5,000
Maternity Clothes $1,000
Third trimester housekeeping & childcare reimbursements $300/month * 3 months
Cesarean delivery fee $3,000
Post delivery bed rest housekeeping & childcare reimbursements $300/week * 6 
Breast milk pumping compensation $300/week * 4 weeks

Total compensation: $76,900

Surrogacy pay examples: Julie

Julie is a second-time surrogate from Ohio

– She doesn’t have surrogacy-friendly insurance

– Her previous surrogacy was uncomplicated, so she has $5,000 added to her base pay

– Unfortunately, the first and second transfer fail. The third transfer is successful, and she is pregnant!

– At 33 weeks Julie starts to dilate prematurelyA doctor prescribes bedrest for four weeks

– Julie needs to seek house and child care services as a result

– At 37 weeks Julie delivers vaginally and a healthy baby is born

– After delivery, her doctor wants her to be on bedrest for 2 more weeks. During Julie’s doctor prescribed bedrest, she is entitled to lost wages

– Her intended parents ask her to pump breastmilk for the two weeks while they are living nearby


Julie’s total compensation for her surrogacy journey is: 

Medical clearance bonus $800
Legal clearance bonus $1,200
Embryo transfer medications $500 *3
Embryo transfer procedure $1,500 *3
Base fee (in monthly payments of $4,000) $40,000
Maternity Clothes $800
Third trimester housekeeping & childcare reimbursements $300/month * 2 months
Doctor prescribed bedrest $300/week *6 weeks
Lost wages $2,160
Breast milk pumping compensation $300/week * 2 weeks

Total Compensation: $53,960

We care about your needs.

As a surrogate with Love & Kindness, you’re also able to enjoy maternity wellness services, like doula support, nutritionists, prenatal massages, chiropractors, and more. Additionally, you can also use psychological support in the form of a counselor or other approved professional as needed.

Doulas are trained professionals who provide physical, emotional, and informational support to expectant parents and surrogates. They’ll help you have a safe, positive, and healthy birth.

Nutritionists can make sure that you’re making the best nutritional choices for both yourself and the child you’re carrying during your pregnancy. They’ll provide excellent insights into what foods are best and which are best avoided during your specific pregnancy. 

Surrogacy is a wonderful process, but any pregnancy comes with associated stress. Mental health professionals can help you put to rest any anxieties or concerns that may arise during your surrogacy process.

We're not just a surrogacy agency - we're an
industry-leading team.

If you’ve been researching surrogacy agencies, you’ll notice that our benefit package is pretty competitive – and that’s because we’re a team made up of surrogates, egg donors, and industry professionals who understand the kinds of support a surrogate needs during her journey.

We work only with the best surrogates available, and our industry-leading benefits package is designed to support them through the best surrogacy journeys ever. Have more questions, or want to see a breakdown of everything Love & Kindness has to offer you? Contact us, and we’ll send you a full sample benefits package.


What about health insurance?

If you have health insurance, we’ll review it to see if it’s surrogacy-friendly. If it is, your intended parents won’t need to pay for extra insurance, which can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $25,000. If you don’t have compatible health insurance, to offset this cost, your base payment may be reduced by $5,000.

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